Through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Staged Algorithms, Arvo Hospitality is able to locate a perfect candidate for any hospitality position. AI and Algorithms allow us to remove the unneccessary aspects of hiring such as posting an opening and analyzing resumes, thus saving time and money. Check out our platforms by clicking below!

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SINOVATE (SIN) is a new Peer-to-Peer (P2P) digital currency and ecosystem which creates unique and modern Blockchain products, services and solutions.

SIN embraces this new technology and has executed extensive research, on various ways to educate others and help them implement innovation into their daily lives and businesses.

SINOVATE believes in transparency and is open about the current challenges the crypto community faces.To overcome these, an experienced and talented team which works alongside the community has been assembled, paving the way towards mass adoption of cryptocurrency.


Cryptographic technology is still in its infancy, with Blockchain providing a world of possibilities for practical applications that extend far beyond the financial sector. SINOVATE implements a decentralised solution by harnessing existing technologies and concepts, innovating them and creating multiple features that give users the ability to adopt new technology in a secure environment.


Automated Hiring Funnel
Automated Hiring Funnel

We've designed an automated hiring funnel to help get the right candidate hired while ensuring compliance. Our funnel propts employers to take the next step to hire the candidate.

On-Demand Talent
On-Demand Talent

Have access to talent provided in an on-demand setting. Never pay for overtime again. Providing the abilitiy to hire the best candidate in a day.

HR Compliance
HR Compliance

Through the usage of automation, we are able to control the environment to ensure HR Compliance each step of the way.

In App Scheduling & Communication
In App Scheduling & Communication

Have the ability to schedule interviews while seamlessly communicating to coordinate dates and times for availability.


Artificial Intelligence Candidate Matching Configuration (AICMC)

Rave Recruiter uses a 46 point matching algorithm to select and provide each candidate in an on-demand setting. Prior to a candidate being placed through our matching algorithm, we use artificial intelligence to establish a predetermined qualified list of possible candidates for the matching algorithm to sort through. Through the duel usage of artificial intelligence and our 46 point matching algorithm, we are able to provide the best possible candidate for each open position, no matter the location, job, or the company. By using technology, you are able to remove the majority of bias that companies often fear when making a hiring decision.

Corporate Partnerships

Arvo Hospitality is comprised of a number of partnerships to make the hiring process as flawless as possible.


Providing duel usage of artificial intelligence and a precise matching algorithm

Chase Bank

Providing securly processed payments by Chase Bank and

Google Products

Providing heavy intregrations with a large scale of software from Google


Providing the best possible hiring process for employers and candidates

Job Boards

Providing access to new talent on the market while marketing your business to other candidates

Lab Corporation

Providing in app multipoint drug testing inspections and easy to use local scheduling

Quest Diagnostics

Providing in app multipoint drug testing inspections and easy to use local scheduling


Providing an in app background check & reference check capibilities while ensuring state and federal compliance


Proof Of Concept
5 Positions Per Year
$550 Per Position, 45% Savings
Small Business Package
10 Positions Per Year
$950 Per Position, 5% Savings

Medium Business Package
25 Positions Per Year
$850 Per Position, 15% Savings

Large Business Package
40 Positions Per Year
$800 Per Position, 20% Savings
XL Business Package
60 Positions Per Year
$700 Per Position, 30% Savings
Enterprise Business Package
100 Positions Per Year
$550 Per Position, 45% Savings